Saturday, February 16, 2019

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The fees for copies of documents

The fees for copies of documents from SBRA’s Archive are paid to the following account:

  • 840-29770845-52, model 97, download reference number (In order to correctly fill out the payment slip for the payment of the fee, please click on the button to download the mandatory reference number generated by the Agency.The generated reference number is valid for only ONE payment.)


The Serbian Business Registers Agency is obliged by law to:

  • Provide conditions for electronic access to the registers
  • Enable insight into the original, paper documents, which are an integral part of the SBRA’s archive materials
  • Issue copies of the original documentation for a copying fee.

In its archives the Agency keeps:

  • Records taken over from commercial courts
  • Supporting documents for each registration filed in the registers.

The following documents are permanently stored in SBRA’s archives:

  • Files containing registration data on changes reported by companies to the Business Register
  • Archive materials taken over from the commercial court registers consisting of:
    • Company registration forms containing company data entries, recorded in the commercial court registers
    • Sets of company documents, containing records based on which the registration forms were compiled (for instance: decisions, OP forms, balance sheets, contracts and similar)
  • Company financial statements.

In addition to viewing the original documents, interested parties may also make copies of archived documents.

The fee for copies of documents from the archives amounts to RSD 30.00 per document page.

For data from the Business Register, the request may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • In person, by submitting a request to SBRA’s office (Belgrade, Brankova 25),
  • In person, by submitting a request to SBRA's extension offices,
  • By mail,
  • By phone.

Scheduling a time slot to view the documents may also be made by phone:

  • Tel. (011) 333 1 434 for the Business Register,
  • Теl. (011) 333 1 449 for the Register of Pledges,
  • Теl. (011) 333 1 456 for the Financial Leasing Register.

Scheduling a time slot to view the documents may also be made by mail: 

A time slot for viewing the archived documents will be scheduled within 2 days from the date of submittal of the request by the interested party.

The archive’s office hours open to the public are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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