Monday, November 19, 2018

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Fee payment for issuance of certificates

Payment of the fee for issuance of certificates is made to account 840-29770845-52, model 97, download reference number (In order to correctly fill out the payment slip for the payment of the fee, please click on the button to download the mandatory reference number generated by the Agency, according to Model 97.The generated reference number is valid for only ONE payment).




The SBRA issues the following certificates:

  • certificate that a bidder is not registered with the Register of Bidders or that the Register does not contain the requested information, subject to statutory registration.

The fee charged for issuing this certificate is RSD 400,00.

  • certificate on data contained in the registration supporting documents and registered data.

The fee charged for issuing this certificate is RSD 400,00 per data unit.

Required documents: 

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