Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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The Entrepreneurs Register is an integrated, central, electronic database where data are kept on registered entrepreneurs (i.e. sole proprietors), companies, cooperatives and cooperative federations, public enterprises and foreign company branches and representative offices, as well as on other forms of business organization (as prescribed by the law); 

Registration entails the entry of data into the Register, including changes and strike-off of registered company data, and of documents related to the registered entity, annotations, and of other data.

Entrepreneurs Register data
 are data subject to registration pursuant to regulations.

These are the following data:

  • business name;
  • registered office address;
  • date of incorporation;
  • date of entry, change or strike-off of data or documents;
  • company code assigned by the Statistical Office of Serbia, which is also the registration number;
  • tax identification number (PIB);
  • registration numbers assigned by the Pension and Disability Fund and Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia;
  • date of duration, if the entrepreneur or company were established for a fixed term;
  • legal type, i.e. form of business organization (company type) or entrepreneur designation (i.e. sole proprietor);
  • main activity code;
  • data on the representative and restrictions of his powers;
  • share (registered) capital;
  • share and stake of the shareholders;
  • estimated value of the contribution in kind or certificate of the competent company body on the assessment of the value of the contribution in kind;
  • memorandum of association;
  • articles of association.

In addition to the data listed above, the Register is also a repository of data on:

  • shareholders and founders of the registered entity;
  • cooperative members;
  • director and members of the board of directors or executive board;
  • chairman and members of the supervisory board;
  • chairman and members of the management board.

In addition to the data listed above, the Register contains the following optional data:

  • shortened trade name;
  • translation of the trade name in a foreign language;
  • shortened trade name in a foreign language;
  • termination of the activity of an entrepreneur (i.e. sole proprietor);
  • data on a procurator;
  • data on a manager and restrictions of manager’s authorities;
  • data on a branch;
  • an entrepreneur’s secondary place of business;
  • obligation to notarize/legalize the memorandum of association;
  • data on liquidation, compulsory liquidation, and bankruptcy;
  • annotations;
  • data on names, reserved pursuant to the law on the procedure of registration;
  • data on calls, notices and publication of documents that require registration by law;
  • mailing address;
  • e-mail address;
  • bank account numbers. 

Application for registration denotes a written request submitted to start the registration procedure. An application for registration of a company has to be submitted on the prescribed form (JRPPS form).

Other applications for registration may be submitted in the form of a written request, provided that they contain all of the elements required to start the procedure. For more details please read the Instruction section.

Registrar is the person in charge of keeping the register, appointed in accordance with the law regulating the Agency’s legal status.

Applicant is the person authorized to submit the application. For more details on authorized applicants, please read the Instructions section. 

Publication means the electronic display on the Agency’s website of registered data and documents, decisions adopted in the registration procedure as well as data and documents that are not registered but are required by law to be published.

Extract of registered data
 is a public document containing data on a registered legal or natural entity, reflecting the state as it is at the moment of issue of the excerpt. 

A certificate is a public document issued to confirm whether or not certain records or documents are registered, i.e. whether or not the register contains such documents, and whether certain facts are contained in the registered documents, or to confirm the legal circumstances or consequences of registration.

Records are an integrated, central electronic database of data and documents subject to record-keeping, and documents in support of the records entered.

Extract of data from the records
 is a public document issued to confirm whether or not certain data or documents are kept in the records, i.e. that the records contain a specific documents, and that certain facts are contained in the document kept in the records.

Annotations are entries of data and documents required by law, as well as entries of data and documents that the registrar assesses are of relevance for business transactions.

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