Monday, November 19, 2018

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Services Ordering

Services from the Register of Financial Statements and Data on Solvency can be ordered in two ways:

  • Electronically – via the web site of the Serbian Business Registers Agency. Data users access to the original financial statements database, i.e. solvency database or scoring database.  Users registering for the first time can register by linking to the registration option, where they will enter the requested data. Already registered users will identify themselves by entering their e-mail address and password, after which authorization will take place.

Once identification and authorization have been completed, users will be able to perform automatic search of the chosen database by entering the registration number or name by categories of legal entities or entrepreneurs, in line with the instructions on the web site.   

After that, services related to the chosen legal entity or entrepreneur can be ordered. The final two steps in ordering are the choice of the manner of delivery and payment, after which the process of ordering will end and a notification created and automatically e-mailed to users, as a document based on which payment is to be made. Users will receive services after effecting the payment.

  • In writing – by sending the prescribed form to the Serbian Business Registers Agency in Belgrade, in person, by mail or by fax:

FI - REQUEST 1 - Request for provision of data from original financial statements
BON - REQUEST 1 - Request for provision of data, solvency reports and scoring
BON - REQUEST 2  - Request for  special arrangements services

The above forms must be duly completed, contain all requested elements. Following the processing of requests in the Register, the user will be sent a notification for payment of the fee. After the payment has been recorded (based on a statement of daily payments), data will be submitted to the user in person, or by mail.

In case an urgent data delivery is requested, the fee will be increased by 50%. Requests for scoring and special arrangements services will not be processed urgently.

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