Sunday, December 09, 2018

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Payment of fees for registration of media

Payments of fees for services provided by the Agency within the Media Register are made to Account: 840-29770845-52, model 97, download reference number (In order to correctly fill out the payment slip for the payment of the fee, please click on the button to download the mandatory reference number generated by the Agency, according to Model 97.The generated reference number is valid for only ONE payment).



The Serbian Business Registers Agency issues the following certificates: 

  • Certificate of registered data on a media outlet.

    The fee for issuing this certificate amounts to RSD 1,000.00 per media outlet.

    The Media Register will issue a certificate for any of the individually registered data items on a media outlet, for a fee of RSD 1,000.00.
  • Certificate that a media outlet is not registered with the Media Register or that the Register does not contain the required data, subject to registration pursuant to the law.
      The fee for the issuance of this certificate amounts to RSD 400.00.
  • Certificate on data contained in the documentation filed in support of registration and on historical data.

    The fee for issuance of this certificate amounts to RSD 400.00 per data unit.

Required documentation:

  • A request in free form or a completed application form for issuance of a certificate,
  • Proof that the fee has been paid.
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