Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Register of Tourism


The Register of Tourism started its activities on 1 January 2010, pursuant to the provision of Article 137 of the Law on Tourism (RS Official Gazette No. 36/2009, 88/2010, 99/2011 - as amended).

This Register, as an integrated, centralized, electronic, public repository of data and records on registered entities carrying out tourism sector activities significantly contributes to monitoring, analyzing and developing tourism, to the manifold benefits of all stakeholders in this sector of the economy:

  • domestic and foreign natural entities as users of tourism services, 
  • private sector companies as tourism service providers, and 
  • public sector, as the creator of Serbia’s tourism policy and strategy. 

The Register of Tourism registers:

  • tourist agencies  - tour operators 

The Register of Tourism keeps records of:

  • tourist agencies –  intermediaries,
  • managers of tourist destinations,
  • tourist destinations,
  • tourist organizations,
  • hospitality service providers,
  • categorized and non-categorized hospitality establishments,
  • persons providing hospitality services in private homes,
  • persons providing hospitality services in the rural tourist households,
  • providers of nautical services,
  • categorized and non-categorized establishments of nautical tourism,
  • providers of hunting tourism services,
  • categorized and non-categorized hunting tourism establishments,
  • tourist guided,
  • local tourist guides,
  • tourist escorts,
  • tourist entertainers,
  • providers of specific adventure and sport/recreational tourism services,
  • companies providing rental of passenger cars without drivers  (rent-a-car) and rental of cars with driver services (limo services).
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