Certificates related to the Register of Financial Statements are issued according to the user’s request for all legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Certificates may contain information that the financial statement for a particular legal entity or an entrepreneur was not filed or publicly disclosed for a specific year, information about the size of a legal entity in a specific reporting year, information that solvency report or scoring is not available for a particular legal entity or entrepreneur, etc.


Certificates are available to all users – legal entities and individuals after effecting the payment of the appropriate fee.

Certificates can be ordered electronically (via e-mail bonitet@apr.gov.rs), in person or by post.

Request can be submitted in written, in free form and must contain the following elements:

  • elements for the user identification - name of the legal entity / entrepreneur or name and surname of the individual,

    basic identification number, address, contact information

  • matter of the certificate and basic identification data about the legal entity or entrepreneur for whom the information in the certificate is provided.

After receiving properly filled request, the user will be sent a notification for the payment of the fee, with all necessary elements (recipient account number for the payment of the fee to the SBRA, payment code, fee amount). Certificates are issued to the users when the payment has been recorded (based on a statement of daily payments), in the manner defined by the request (in person or by post).

Fee for providing the certificates related to the Register of Financial Statements is 1,000 RSD.