A yearly publication “The TOP 100 Enterprises” issued by the Serbian Business Registers Agency contains lists of enterprises operating in the Republic of Serbia, whose business activities are analysed based on data comprised in their regular financial statements submitted in the preceding reporting year.

Lists of the TOP 100 Enterprises are established by ranking all enterprises operating in the country according to their: 

  • business performance (operating income; and net profit);
  • financial capacities (total assets; and equity); and
  • losses (net loss; and total loss).

The publication also provides a brief overview and analysis of the business operations of enterprises that are best performers in each of the lists, as well as of those enterprises that stand out in terms of their financial performance and certain specifics of their business operation.

The publication TOP 100 Enterprises in the Republic of Serbia has been produced and published since 2011, with an aim to discern enterprises whose business operations significantly affect the results and financial performance of the entire economy, standing out as the main bearers of economic trends in the country.

The publication is available only in the Serbian language.