The Serbian Business Registers Agency annually publishes the macroeconomic analysis which provides comprehensive analysis of total business activity of legal entities and entrepreneurs in the Republic of Serbia, based on official aggregate data on their financial standing and business performance.

The Annual Report contains detailed information and analysis of the business performance, structure of the total assets and sources of financing, as well as the number of legal entities and entrepreneurs, consolidated groups and number of employees, which are accompanied by appropriate graphics and spreadsheet data illustrations. Among aggregate level data analysis based on two years trend, these publications provide analysis focused on concentration of financial outstanding according to the specific levels of classification and per selected groups.

Preparing and publishing of macroeconomic analyses started in the National Bank of Serbia in 2003, and when the Serbian Business Registers Agency took over responsibilities regarding activities related to financial statements and solvency in 2010, the Agency continued to provide these publications to the public in order to clearly and simply enable information on business performance and financial standing of legal entities and entrepreneurs and provide permanent overall economic trends insight.

The Annual Reports are available only in Serbian.