The Business Entities Register - Entrepreneurs/Soletraders begun operating on 1 January 2005, whereby a new administrative registration procedure replaced the former company registration with the court, in order to speed up the process and improve efficiency through a unique, electronic registration system for data which are relevant to companies and indispensable for their daily legal and business transactions.

The transition to a centralized registration system produced a unique, centralized, electronic database of business entities in the Republic of Serbia, containing all data subject to registration in accordance with the law and pursuant to EU directives, available on the internet, which all interested parties can quickly and easily retrieve, without the need to prove their legal entitlement.

Relevant regulations:

  • Company Law (RS Official Gazette, No. 99/11, 83/14, 5/15, 44/18 and 95/18),
  • Law on the Procedure of Registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (RS Official Gazette, No. 99/11, 83/14 and 31/19),
  • Rulebook on the Content of the Business Entities Register and Documents Required for Registration (RS Official Gazette, No. 42/16),
  • Decision on Fees for Registration and other Services Provided by the Serbian Business Registers Agency (RS Official Gazette, No. 119/13, 138/14, 45/15, 106/15, 32/16, 60/16, 75/18, 13/19, 15/20, 91/20, 11/21 and 66/21).

ENTREPRENEUR - SOLE TRADER (hereinafter: ENTREPRENEUR ) is a person who operates own activity in order to obtain certain profit.