Fees for providing the extracts from the Register of Financial Statements, in the form of the prescribed sections of financial statements, amount: 

Type of the report

Fee (in RSD)

Financial statement (without the Notes on the Financial Statements), or data for statistical and other purposes that may be disclosed to third parties


Regular Annual Financial Statement or Consolidated Annual Financial Statement with the auditor’s report (opinion), (without the Notes on the Financial Statements)


Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss Account

Statement of Other Comprehensive Income

Cash Flow Statement

Capital Changes Statement

Notes on the Financial Statements

Statistical Annex

(available until year 2013, including 2013)

Statistical Report

(as of 2021)

(per section of the financial statement)

An additional 20% will be charged on top of the fee for a report issued in paper format.

An additional 50% will be charged on top of the fee for a report delivered within the same day when the request was submitted (urgent request).