As of 16 January 2023, access to the electronic services of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) has been enabled through user accounts registered on the Electronic Identification Portal (

New users, who wish to use the electronic services on the SBRA portal, and who have not had accounts in the Agency's system so far, should register their user accounts on the Electronic Identification Portal ( After registering, they will then log in to the SBRA portal through an account on the Portal.

Existing users can use their old accounts created in the Agency's system no later than 1 June 2023. After that, the SBRA’s eServices will be accessible exclusively with an account registered on the Portal.

“The Serbian Business Registers Agency is a pioneer of digitization in the public administration sector of the Republic of Serbia and currently provides the largest number of different electronic services for the economy and citizens. By integrating into the unique state information system, we will make better use of the possibilities of the existing infrastructure, in order to further strengthen the performances of our system. With the implementation of the electronic services of the Office for IT and eGovernment, we want to ensure their more widespread application in the economy and to ensure a more secure way of storing our users’ data," the SBRA director, Milan Lučić, stated during the go-live of the eID electronic identification service.

Business entities are currently able to use electronic services for compiling and submitting financial statements, and the Agency is also responsible for the efficient functioning of the information system for issuing electronic construction permits. The incorporation of limited liability companies and sole proprietors can also be done electronically, as well as the recording of beneficial owners, and submitting of all types of registration applications for financial leasing, pledge right and bidders. Additional eServices will also be launched during this year.

“It is very important that another institution has enabled access to services through the unique Portal for electronic identification With a unique user eID account, business entities and citizens can access not only all electronic services of the SBRA, but also other eGovernment services (, Local Tax Administration Portal (, eHealth Portal (, My eGradebook (, eInvoice ( and My First Paycheck ( In the upcoming period, I expect that other state institutions, primarily the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia and the Central Registry of Mandatory Social Security, which provide some electronic services to citizens or the economy, will also switch to this type of application," the Minister of Information and Telecommunications Mihailo Jovanović stated.

Acting Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment, Milan Latinović, added that so far the Office for IT and the SBRA have implemented the electronic services “Time stamp” and signing of financial statements with a qualified electronic certificate in cloud, while the integration of electronic registers into the eOffice has also begun.

“Thanks to the introduction of electronic services, the SBRA enables faster and more efficient implementation of administrative registration procedures and other procedures in public administration, which shorten the time and costs of doing business for business entities and citizens, and facilitate communication with the state,” as pointed out by Milan Lučić.

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