The Agency hereby reminds media publishers that they are obliged to register the data on media which is prescribed by Article 47, paragraph 1, items 2) and 8) of the Law on Public Information and Media ("Official Gazette of the RS", No. 92/2023) by 4 February, 2024.

By this deadline, media publishers should register data that is the subject of registration in the Media Register, especially data on the editor-in-chief of the media and a document containing data on legal entities and natural persons that directly or indirectly hold more than 5% of the publisher's founding capital, along with data on their related parties in the sense of the law governing the legal status of companies, as well as data on other publishers in which these parties have more than 5% share in the founding capital.

If this data is already registered and up-to-date, the publisher is not obliged to submit a new registration application for the re-entry of this data the Register.

If the publisher does not register the above-mentioned data within the legally prescribed deadline, the competent Registrar will strike off the media from the Register ex officio, in accordance with Article 154, paragraph 2 of the Law on Public Information and Media.

The list of media that have not fulfilled their obligation to register data prescribed by the Law on Public Information and Media is available on the Agency's website (Media Register, section - About the Register).

09. January 2024. Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement do not prescribe the obligation to re-register in the Register of Bidders, but to renew the application on the Public Procurement Portal 31. January 2024. The Web Application for Compiling and Submitting Financial Statements and Documentation for 2023 Has Been Put Into Operation