The Serbian Business Registers Agency informs all companies and cooperatives, foreign company branches conducting business in the Republic of Serbia, all other legal entities (associations, political and social organizations, institutions and trade unions) and entrepreneurs with double-entry financial accounting system that Thursday, 26 April 2012, is the last day to submit requests for the replacement of the registered annual financial statements for 2011, pursuant to the law. The Financial Statements and Solvency Register will not be accepting any replacements of the annual financial statements submitted after this date and further correction of data in these financial statements will only be possible on the basis of an auditor’s report (for entities subject to auditing) or of an order by the competent state authority. After the completion of the preliminary aggregate processing of regular annual financial statements, the Register will publish the individual data from the registered reports on SBRA's website. 

17. April 2012. Publication of annual financial statements for financial institutions 26. April 2013. Data for the first quarter of 2013 are published on the RegRDMI Map