Within the Media Register, on the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s website, a list of 482 media that have not registered all the data prescribed by the new Law on Public Information and Media has been updated.

Currently, 2,588 media are registered, of which less than a fifth do not have all the data prescribed by law entered as the subject of registration, so the Agency hereby calls on media publishers to fulfill their legal obligation and register all the necessary data no later than 4 February, 2024.

All media publishers, who until now have not registered data on the editor-in-chief and should have done so according to the provisions of the previous law, are obliged to submit an application and register that data within the next month and a half, i.e. by the deadline prescribed by the new Law. Media publishers who changed their editor-in-chief, but did not register this change within 15 days of the occurrence of the change, are also under this obligation. They should submit a registration application with the appropriate accompanying documentation, in order to update the data on the editor-in-chief, which is a mandatory subject of registration, in the Register.

If the media publisher is a joint-stock or limited liability company, then the publisher is legally obliged to register the document prescribed by Article 47, paragraph 1 of the Law on Public Information and Media, which contains data on legal entities and natural persons that directly or indirectly have more than 5% share in the registered capital of the publisher, data on their related parties, in the sense of the law governing the legal status of companies and data on other publishers in which these parties have more than 5% share in the registered capital.

If the publisher does not register the specified data within the prescribed period, the Registrar will strike the media off from the Register ex officio, without issuing a special decision on the deletion.

08. December 2023. Six-Month Results of the Introduction of Mandatory Electronic Registration of Company Incorporation 27. December 2023. eRegistration of Changes to Data and Deletion of Sole Proprietors has been Enabled