As of today, a special software application has been launched on the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s eServices Portal, enabling the submission of all applications for the changes to data as well as the deletion of sole proprietors.

Electronic submission of applications for the registration of changes to data and deletion of sole proprietors is not mandatory, i.e. all sole proprietors can continue to submit applications in paper form if they wish, either in person or by post.

In order to submit an application for the eRegistration of changes to data or deletion of a sole proprietor, a sole proprietor must have the following:

  • A qualified electronic certificate (i.e, electronic signature) issued by one of the certification bodies in the Republic of Serbia.
  • An installed electronic card reader and a NexU application for electronic signing (the latest version must be downloaded). This app was created by the Agency and can be used for creating all future electronic documents, invoices, etc. Downloading the app from the Agency‘s website is free-of-charge.
  • Visa, MasterCard, or DinaCard payment card to be used for the payment of fees.

If a document such as a letter of consent, certificate (e.g. proof of settled tax obligations), license from a competent authority or any such document which was originally issued in paper form, is attached to the electronic application, that document must be digitized, i.e. converted into an electronic document. Digitization of that document, i.e. converting it into an electronic document, can be done by a lawyer, provided that the lawyer is also the applicant of the registration application itself, or a notary, who guarantees with his electronic signature that he had the original document, that he scanned it and signed it with an electronic signature, i.e, with a qualified electronic seal.

Documents issued by the sole proprietor himself/herself, such as the power-of-attorney, can be created originally in electronic form if the sole proprietor signs the document with his/her qualified electronic signature.

In addition to the eIncorporation registration procedure the Agency introduced a few years ago, the SBRA has now enabled other registration procedures concerning sole proprietors to be completely digitized within the Business Entities Register.

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