NALED and GIZ/KWD organized a training in the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) on “Access to public data from the Regional Development Measures and Incentives Register and other SBRA registers“ for local government representatives from the municipalities of Golubac, Majdanpek and Sokobanja. SBRA representatives informed the training participants about the public data available on SBRA’s website through the data search engine in the registers kept by this Agency. These data are disaggregated by status, agreements and financial data on registered entities. Furthermore, the Regional Development Measures and Incentives Register’s Map providing comprehensive data on the state of the economy in the individual regions, districts and municipalities and on state investments into regional and local government projects was also presented.The municipality representatives were informed about the data published in the Financial Statements and Solvency Register, the contents of macroeconomic reports on the business operations of companies and entrepreneurs in the Republic of Serbia that are developed based on the processed aggregate data from the annual and consolidated financial statements, and about the services provided by this register that are related to the solvency, scoring and rating of business entities.The training in SBRA was organized within the GIZ/KWD project supporting local economic development in the municipalities of Eastern Serbia, for the members of the NALED Working Group for Entrepreneurial Development in Eastern Serbia, with the aim of raising the administrative capacity of the municipalities and assisting the project participants in collecting quality information and official data for developing expert analyses, improving the quality of reporting and attracting potential investors. 

22. March 2012. Information on the processing of financial statements for 2011 17. April 2012. Publication of annual financial statements for financial institutions