The Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) has received approximately 150,000 regular annual financial statements for 2011 that corporate taxpayers have filed pursuant to the Law on Accounting and Auditing. Out of these, the receipt of 132,000 financial statements has been filed while over 100,000 of these statements are currently being processed and registered.At the end of the registration procedure for each annual financial report for 2011, the submitters will get a confirmation of registration for these reports, while the submitters of financial statements that the formal, accounting and logic control procedure found to be inadequate, will be sent a notice on the shortcomings that need to be fixed. Today, the Agency will start sending out confirmations on registered financial statements for 2011, and notices about irregularities in these reports.We remind that, just as in the previous years, the Agency will guarantee full transparency of the processing and registration of each individual statement, by enabling submitters to access data on the receipt, processing and registration of the filed statements found in the section Financial Statements and Solvency/Search Financial Statements for 2011 that can be searched by entering the company registration code.At the end of preliminary processing of the annual financial statements for 2011, data from these reports will be available to all interested users as part of the services provided by the Financial Statements and Solvency Register. Until then, the reports on solvency, scoring and other services will contain data from financial statements conclusive with 2010. We note that while processing financial statements for 2011, the Agency will not be issuing separate certificates on the status of each individual financial statement. 

28. February 2012. Activities undertaken by SBRA as part of the harmonization process of businesses 05. April 2012. Training at SBRA for representatives of local government