The Serbian Business Registers Agency hereby informs its customers that the Agency's Central Information System for eConstruction Permits will be unavailable from Friday, 9 July 2021, at 03:30 p.m. until Monday, 12 July 2021, at 07:00 a.m., due to the planned maintenance of the CIP’s applications.

Requests for information about the usage of the application system of the Central Register of Integrated Procedures (CRIP), as well as requests for any additional information, can be emailed to the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s Service Desk ( or be obtained via telephone (011 635-9799; 011 635 9835; 011 635-9801; 011 635 9802 and 011 635-9798).

The most important novelties of the enhanced version of the CRIP application system are:

  • option for electronic payment of charges and fees through the еUprava electronic payment system; the applicant has access to data on all account receivables and status of payments during the integrated procedure via the “Overview of All Account Receivables and Payments” module;
  • copying the data into the concerted application form (when submitting the concerted application form, the applicant will not have to enter all the data; instead, the data will be copied from the previously submitted application that was rejected, thus shortening the time required for the applicant to enter data);
  • submission of an application for a finality clause (special functionality);
  • change of the applicant (in case of revocation of the power of attorney, authorization, etc., the applicant will be able to inform the competent authority about the change of the person authorized to act, by submitting the appropriate documentation);
  • option to enter a larger number of cadastral parcels, including validation of entered data;
  • granted access to case files data in the event of a positive decision on a request for recognition of the status of a party to the procedure;
  • improved content of all info fields, containing instructions for the submission of applications;
  • enhanced content of notifications (notices) on the course of the procedure and orders to be followed;
  • etc.

Upon launching the new version of the CRIP application system, the user instructions for applicants will be available on the Registers/Construction Permits webpage after logging and accessing the Central Information System. User instructions will be available via the “Help” button, according to the role and system authorizations assigned to the user.

06. July 2021. The number of registered business entities increased compared to previous years 16. July 2021. A new, enhanced version of the information system for eConstruction permits was launched