The new, enhanced version of the information system for eConstruction Permits of the SBRA's Central Register of Integrated Procedures (CRIP), launched on 12 July 2021, was introduced to facilitate the submission of applications, data entry and monitoring of case files throughout the integrated procedure for issuance of electronic construction permits.

The system for electronic issuance of construction permits is used by more than 9,300 employees of competent bodies and other institutions that hold public authorisations to carry out the integrated procedure. Since the commencement of operation of this system, thousands of applicants have submitted about 8,500,000 documents in electronic form.

Due to extensive changes and adjustments made to the system, it takes time to stabilize the system and adjust users to the changes. We hereby advise users to get acquainted with the novelties of the system through user video instructions published on the website of the Serbian Business Registers Agency, where instructions on how to use application solutions are provided for each group of users, according to the roles and authorisations assigned to them by the system.

One of the introduced novelties, i.e. electronic payment of charges and fees through the eUprava Portal, has caused problems in the work of some users who made payments through commercial banks. Until the technical problems in the functioning of this component are eliminated, users are advised to apply the old method of payment of fees and charges.

The central information system is accessed through the SBRA’s website. Users can log in the system via the internet page Registers/Construction Permits, where the user instructions can be accessed by clicking the “Help” and “Video Instructions” buttons.

Requests for information about the usage of the CRIP application system, as well as requests for any additional information that should help users of the new, enhanced version of the information system, can be emailed to the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s Service Desk ( or be obtained via telephone (011 635-9799; 011 635 9835; 011 635-9801 and 011 635 9802).

07. July 2021. A new, enhanced version of the SBRA's Central Information System for eConstruction Permits will be launched on 12 July 2021 29. July 2021. Business operations of non-profit institutions in 2020