In 2020, non-profit institutions showed a positive result of 1,977.6 million dinars, which decreased by 64.4% compared to 2019. 17,164 employees were employed with 46,488 non-profit institutions, i.e. 91 persons more than in the previous year.

 According to the form of organization, the associations achieved the highest positive result, expressed in the amount of 1,809.4 million dinars, which is 4.7% higher than the previous year. At the same time, this most numerous group of institutions, which encompasses 26,864 associations, employed the largest number of employees (7,654).

 All other groups of non-profit institutions, except sports associations, societies and federations, operated positively. In 2020, these institutions achieved a negative result of 1,606 million dinars, which was positive in the previous year and amounted to 1,860.3 million dinars. At the same time, this group of institutions is ranked second in terms of its size (12,257) and the number of its employees (4,150).

 These data have been established based on the aggregately processed data for statistical and other purposes for 2020 and regular annual financial statements for 2019. Data on other non-profit institutions are presented in the infographic 'Business operations of non-profit institutions in 2020', which is published on the Serbian Business Registers Agency’s website.

16. July 2021. A new, enhanced version of the information system for eConstruction permits was launched 29. July 2021. The deadline for the submission of consolidated annual financial statements for 2020 is soon to expire